MicroAd Indonesia Establishes A Local Subsidiary “MicroAd BLADE Indonesia” Launches Ad Platform Business In Indonesia

Jakarta – 22 October 2013 – PT.MicroAd Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as “MicroAd Indonesia”; Headquarter of Indonesia: CEO: Suryanto Wijaya) and MicroAd Singapore Pte.Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “MicroAd Singapore”; Headquarter of Singapore: CEO: Kentaro Watanabe) a leading Online Ad Platform company in Asia-Pacific countries, has established “PT.MicroAd BLADE Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as “MicroAd BLADE Indonesia”)”, a local subsidiary, in the Republic of Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as “Indonesia”) and has begun the Ad Platform business in Indonesia.

MicroAd provides “MicroAd BLADE”, a Demand-Side-Platform for Online Advertising by own-developed product enables clients to optimize algorithm of advertising. “MicroAd BLADE” also offers in English and Chinese languages and accepts US Dollars and Chinese Yuan currencies as
payment for Asia.

“We have already developed Online Advertising agency business in Indonesia and it has been succeeding. With the continuous spread in Ad Technology Indonesia, we would like to establish a monopoly company.” said Kentaro Watanabe, CEO of MicroAd Singapore. “MicroAd BLADE Indonesia
strives for the expansion of “MicroAd BLADE” in Indonesia and we estimates to work with over 250 advertisers by this December 2014.”

About MicroAd BLADE
MicroAd launched “MicroAd BLADE” a Japanese DSP with RTB have integrated with major exchanges and SSP in June 2011. Till now, MicroAd BLADE has more than 5,000 Advertisers in Japan. We are one of the largest ad platform companies in Japan.

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MicroAd BLADE Indonesia Company Profile
Company name : PT.MicroAd BLADE Indonesia
Location : Indosurya Plaza Fl.3A, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 8-9 Jakarta Pusat 10230
Established : October 31, 2013 (Estimated)

CEO : Suryanto Wijaya
Director : Yoshiki Enohara
Director : Heita Kawano
Operation : Sales of “MicroAd BLADE”

Inquiries About This Press Release
Inquiries about advertising:
Heita Kawano (Sales, MicroAd BLADE Indonesia),
e-mail: info@blade.co.id

Inquiries about news coverage:
Elisa Yoshigoe (CMO, MicroAd Indonesia),
e-mail: info@microad.co.id,
telephone: (+62)21-293-88488

Way to Go, MicroAd Indonesia! 2013Q3 Quarterly Meeting

Today, MicroAd Indonesia officially entered a new phase. Our slogan for Q4 is “1 Breakthrough Step!” – signaling a new step, in fact, a big leap in our corporate history.

Let’s begin from the market condition. For many of us in the Indonesian digital marketing world, we all no doubt wonder sometimes, are we on the right track? Are we in the right industry? We are a tiny droplet in the ocean of traditional, conventional multinational agencies. Spending in digital is, in fact, a tiny speck within the big pie of budget spent on TV ads, printed media and radio.

Now here comes the awesome data from eMarketer. True, digital ad spending in Indonesia, as of last year, was only US$140 million – less than 1/50th of Japan’s digital ad spend that stood at US$9.6 billion. BUT notice the next part of the news. Digital ad spending growth in Indonesia is projected to grow y-o-y 70+% consistently until 2015!! By far, Indonesia will outshine the growth of the entire Asia-Pacific region, which means our digital market in Indonesia will more than triple the current size. (Read the complete article here.)

eMarketer Digital Ad Spend Indonesia

So what does that mean for us digital marketing players? And what does that mean for us Maizen?

First off, to avoid confusion, in MicroAd Indonesia, we proudly address ourselves as MAIZEN. (Read the philosophy behind our name here.)

The fact that the digital marketing industry in Indonesia has such a brilliant prospect should comfort all of us struggling and tackling fierce competitors now. If you own a digital agency, you probably know exactly how it feels to squint your eyes through when checking your financial statements. The business is not so profitable now–frankly speaking. Yet again, with such bright future soon to come, you ARE in the right industry.

As Maizen (yes y’all, I’m talkin’ to ya!), this news comes as a JOLT & BOOST right when it’s needed. Two years have passed since MicroAd was established in Indonesia. From a team of two, it’s now a team of thirty-two. All thirty diligent Maizen, you ARE in the right industry, at the right timing. Imagine if MicroAd were to start this year, from zero, in Indonesia. Luckily at this point we have track record of handling over 30 clients in the past two years, ranging from giant retail companies (brand clients) to fast-paced Internet companies (performance-based clients). This rightly equips us to fight in fierce competition against giant traditional agencies and players, which for the first time, jumped right through the ‘blue ocean’ of digital ad market.

Now we know that the market is good. The prospect is there. But how to win, then?

One of the major advantages of MicroAd Indonesia is that our COO, Enohara-san, had over 13 years of experience in digital marketing at CyberAgent, and he knew right from the beginning that a digital agency could only succeed if we offered ‘full course menu’. At this stage when the market is immature, clients quite naive about Internet, and digital marketers still learning, we cannot afford to focus on just one service and hope that will kick off. Had we focused only to PPC or ad platform (original products by MicroAd), for example, we probably would have never obtained 30 clients over the past two years. We would bleed longer, too.

Hence we are happy, dearest Maizen, to reaffirm our point across that we are on the RIGHT TRACK. We have so far chosen the right strategy to offer holistic approach to digital services. We were right. Man, doesn’t that feel good? 🙂

Of course, now is just the beginning of the battle. In order for MicroAd Indonesia to grow larger and tougher, we need more than just a foundation. We need strong builders. For that, we need to start with a strong management.

As announced in our Quarterly Meeting, here comes our historic hallmark: For the first time, we are adding the third pillar in the Board of MicroAd Indonesia. Please meet Alex, who has been in digital marketing for 9 years, specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and graduated with a degree in Computer Sciences.

We believe that the three executive pillars of the Board –Enohara-san, Elisa, and Alex– have personality traits and comparative skill advantages that cover each other to create a balanced synergy. Just about the right amount.

With the new Board, we are excited to press forward with our new slogan: “1 Breakthrough Step!”

Together, we can! Happy cruising in to Q4 of 2013!

MicroAd Indonesia - 2013Q3

Some Maizen who stayed post-Quarterly Meeting BBQ Party, at our CEO’s home

MicroAd Indonesia in AKB48 Official Youtube Channel!

MicroAd Indonesia - AKB48





Wait.. seriously? YES.


MicroAd Indonesia is featured in the Koisuru Fortune Cookie parody by CyberAgent Group, and uploaded to the AKB48 Official Youtube channel! How cool is that? +1 zillion, if you ask us 🙂

As of today, we’ve had 1.4 million Youtube viewers to our video, all inspired by the FUN culture in CyberAgent, our proud parent group. You can watch us at minute 2:35-38!

See the English subbed video here in MicroAd Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNaOxXPlXJg

Or, see the original video in AKB48 Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXs96toe-B8

What we really like about the video is that the video really captures the fun and sometimes silly culture of CyberAgent. It’s not about showing off a parade of exotic massage rooms in the office or fancy stuff, but it’s about sharing the fun! Some groups in video are representing themes as silly as: Mini-sized girls shorter than 150cm; Giant guys taller than 180cm; Those in Diet; Those who are Macho; and many other hilarious groups of people.

We aspire, of course, to build society as cool and fun as CyberAgent in Japan! After all, CyberAgent has won annual “Japan’s Greatest Place to Work” awards for many consecutive years along with top-notch fun Internet companies like Google Japan. Just last year in 2012, Google was No.1 and CyberAgent was No.4 in the award’s winner list.

Alright, enjoy the video and please Share/Like it if you can. Arigatou! 😀

Philosophy Behind Our Identity, MAIZEN

What is Maizen?

If you ever met some of our team members in MicroAd Indonesia, or have friends who work with us here, you might notice that their Facebook, Twitter, or Path are bombarded with the term “Maizen”.

Our nickname Maizen traces its roots back to a year ago on Wednesday afternoon, Sep 12, 2012. Our CMO, Elisa, was casually emailing everyone in MicroAd about plans to wear gray to welcome our CEO Mr. Kentaro Watanabe from MicroAd Japan. At that time, we had gotten used to address our team as “MAI Citizens”. That afternoon, however, our CMO had a “Eureka!” moment and thought “MAI Citizens” could be shortened to Maizen.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, marked our beginning as Maizen.

Here’s the historic email from our CMO (no kidding, this was copy-pasted word per word – Oh, Enohara-san is the name of our COO).

Hi MAI citizens,

Vote yes for gray!

Also, I just found an awesome nickname for all of us! What do you think of Maizen as nickname for calling MAI citizens?

Though maizen doesn’t mean anything in Japanese, the kanji for the 2 syllables actually represent us:
Mai → 毎 → each (in repeating cycle)
Zen → 全 → all, wholeness

Maizen means we are citizens who spend time together every day, but today and going onwards, we are one and complete each other.

Enohara-san wants our vision to build a great company. That greatness should start by building strong team as one.

I will ask his opinion about Maizen and what can reflect greatness as a tagline that includes the word Maizen.

In anyway, let me know how you like Maizen 😀


Elisa Yoshigoe
Chief Marketing Officer
MicroAd Indonesia

With rave reviews from our team about the nickname, we formed a consensus that Maizen is our identity. Along with time, the philosophy of Maizen has been perfected to the following:


noun ˈmī-zen:

a person who belongs to MicroAd Indonesia, acts in harmony with our fundamental C-H-O-R-D* values, united with fellow maizen on day-to-day basis, and has the (bragging) rights and protection of MicroAd Indonesia



1  MicroAd Indonesia

2  Abbreviated form of Mai·ku·ro·a·do, Japanese form of MicroAd – マイクロアド


1  Shortened form of citizen

2  Shortened form of zen·in, Japanese for “all employees” – 員 ( 全 – all, whole, complete; 員 – members or employees)

(*) C-H-O-R-D stands for Challenge, Humble, Open, Respect and Discipline.


The fun pun that involves dual language interpretation reflects the fact that MicroAd Indonesia is indeed a hybrid company – Japanese and Indonesian.

So, would you like to be a Maizen?

We are always open for Maizen rookies, apply now here! 🙂

MicroAd Maizen Moment

South Beauty, UOB Tower, Jakarta – Sep 13, 2012. The day after Maizen nickname was invented. Enohara-san (COO, MicroAd Indonesia) and Watanabe-san (CEO, MicroAd Japan) in the middle. Our CMO, by the way, is in green 😀