Why SSL Is A Must for Every Website

Although maybe SSL already sound familiar to some of us but some may not understand exactly what they do except for that it related to security and internet. Many websites especially e-commerce websites already have SSL, even though you may not know it. You can look at the navigation bar and you will notice the difference between that doesn’t have and the one with padlock icon as it has SSL installed.

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21st Quarterly Meeting MicroAd Indonesia

MicroAd Indonesia Quarterly Meeting merupakan agenda rutin yang diadakan setahun empat kali untuk melihat pencapaian, dan aktivitas perusahaan. Kali ini, 21st Quarterly Meeting diadakan pada di Amazing Kutaradja Hotel, Jakarta Pusat dengan tema Indonesian Heritage.

MicroAd Indonesia Quarterly Meeting is an internal event that is held once every quarter to review achievement, progress and activities of the company. This time, 21st Quarterly Meeting was held at Amazing Kutaradja Hotel, Central Jakarta with Indonesian Heritage theme.