HAPPY #MAILOWEEN From MicroAd Indonesia

Jakarta, 31 October 2016 – Happy Halloween!! This year MicroAd Indonesia held Halloween Party called “MAILOWEEN” with so many scared galore, gruesome surprises and plenty of screams. The MAILOWEEN team began preparing the event from two weeks before the D-day. The event provided lots of hilarious fights.

Each Maizen hesitantly walking in our ‘Hallway of Shocks’ and tried to guess what’s inside. Squeamish faces, hysterical reflexes, it was a truly gruesome affair.

After successfully pass through the “Hallway of Shocks”, Maizen was offered a bag full of candies and chocolate as “Trick or Treat”.
The scary atmosphere didn’t end in the hallway. The office space was also decorated with creepy ornament. We decorated the Halloween potluck table with cobwebs and of course spiders! There were also eyeballs and severed hands! I bet this made most Maizen goosebumps!

As this was a costume party, most Maizen wore costumes and spooky makeup. Some of them wore scary costumes, some of them wore funny and cute costumes. All costume was unique. In the middle of the event, Maizen was entertained by singing performance presented by MAI-JAM. It was once again keep us enjoyed!

MAILOWEEN would not have been complete without costume contest. Not only costume contest but also other contests! At the end of the event, five people went home as winners. Medi (MicroAd BLADE Indonesia) as Princess Leia was crowned as the best costume winner.  Senja took the prize for the second-best costume as she was effortful for her Monalisa costume. Psstt.. the frame was really something! The third winner was Bondan as he posted his cool pose on Instagram as Deviant Priest. The fourth contest was favorite costume and won by Richa from BBlog. She was well-suited to “The Adams Family” costume. And finally, the best prank reaction belonged to Kak Dede.









The MAILOWEEN party was coordinated by Internal-Communications Division supported by some Maizen. There was so much that went into it but the excitement and joy that came out of it, makes it worth. Besides, it gave everyone plenty of opportunity to enjoy the cool and creative costumes. See you next year!


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