Philosophy Behind Our Identity, MAIZEN

What is Maizen?

If you ever met some of our team members in MicroAd Indonesia, or have friends who work with us here, you might notice that their Facebook, Twitter, or Path are bombarded with the term “Maizen”.

Our nickname Maizen traces its roots back to a year ago on Wednesday afternoon, Sep 12, 2012. Our CMO, Elisa, was casually emailing everyone in MicroAd about plans to wear gray to welcome our CEO Mr. Kentaro Watanabe from MicroAd Japan. At that time, we had gotten used to address our team as “MAI Citizens”. That afternoon, however, our CMO had a “Eureka!” moment and thought “MAI Citizens” could be shortened to Maizen.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, marked our beginning as Maizen.

Here’s the historic email from our CMO (no kidding, this was copy-pasted word per word – Oh, Enohara-san is the name of our COO).

Hi MAI citizens,

Vote yes for gray!

Also, I just found an awesome nickname for all of us! What do you think of Maizen as nickname for calling MAI citizens?

Though maizen doesn’t mean anything in Japanese, the kanji for the 2 syllables actually represent us:
Mai → 毎 → each (in repeating cycle)
Zen → 全 → all, wholeness

Maizen means we are citizens who spend time together every day, but today and going onwards, we are one and complete each other.

Enohara-san wants our vision to build a great company. That greatness should start by building strong team as one.

I will ask his opinion about Maizen and what can reflect greatness as a tagline that includes the word Maizen.

In anyway, let me know how you like Maizen 😀


Elisa Yoshigoe
Chief Marketing Officer
MicroAd Indonesia

With rave reviews from our team about the nickname, we formed a consensus that Maizen is our identity. Along with time, the philosophy of Maizen has been perfected to the following:


noun ˈmī-zen:

a person who belongs to MicroAd Indonesia, acts in harmony with our fundamental C-H-O-R-D* values, united with fellow maizen on day-to-day basis, and has the (bragging) rights and protection of MicroAd Indonesia



1  MicroAd Indonesia

2  Abbreviated form of Mai·ku·ro·a·do, Japanese form of MicroAd – マイクロアド


1  Shortened form of citizen

2  Shortened form of zen·in, Japanese for “all employees” – 員 ( 全 – all, whole, complete; 員 – members or employees)

(*) C-H-O-R-D stands for Challenge, Humble, Open, Respect and Discipline.


The fun pun that involves dual language interpretation reflects the fact that MicroAd Indonesia is indeed a hybrid company – Japanese and Indonesian.

So, would you like to be a Maizen?

We are always open for Maizen rookies, apply now here! 🙂

MicroAd Maizen Moment

South Beauty, UOB Tower, Jakarta – Sep 13, 2012. The day after Maizen nickname was invented. Enohara-san (COO, MicroAd Indonesia) and Watanabe-san (CEO, MicroAd Japan) in the middle. Our CMO, by the way, is in green 😀


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