MicroAd Indonesia in AKB48 Official Youtube Channel!

MicroAd Indonesia - AKB48





Wait.. seriously? YES.


MicroAd Indonesia is featured in the Koisuru Fortune Cookie parody by CyberAgent Group, and uploaded to the AKB48 Official Youtube channel! How cool is that? +1 zillion, if you ask us 🙂

As of today, we’ve had 1.4 million Youtube viewers to our video, all inspired by the FUN culture in CyberAgent, our proud parent group. You can watch us at minute 2:35-38!

See the English subbed video here in MicroAd Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNaOxXPlXJg

Or, see the original video in AKB48 Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXs96toe-B8

What we really like about the video is that the video really captures the fun and sometimes silly culture of CyberAgent. It’s not about showing off a parade of exotic massage rooms in the office or fancy stuff, but it’s about sharing the fun! Some groups in video are representing themes as silly as: Mini-sized girls shorter than 150cm; Giant guys taller than 180cm; Those in Diet; Those who are Macho; and many other hilarious groups of people.

We aspire, of course, to build society as cool and fun as CyberAgent in Japan! After all, CyberAgent has won annual “Japan’s Greatest Place to Work” awards for many consecutive years along with top-notch fun Internet companies like Google Japan. Just last year in 2012, Google was No.1 and CyberAgent was No.4 in the award’s winner list.

Alright, enjoy the video and please Share/Like it if you can. Arigatou! 😀

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