MicroAd Indonesia Establishes A Local Subsidiary “MicroAd BLADE Indonesia” Launches Ad Platform Business In Indonesia

Jakarta – 22 October 2013 – PT.MicroAd Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as “MicroAd Indonesia”; Headquarter of Indonesia: CEO: Suryanto Wijaya) and MicroAd Singapore Pte.Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “MicroAd Singapore”; Headquarter of Singapore: CEO: Kentaro Watanabe) a leading Online Ad Platform company in Asia-Pacific countries, has established “PT.MicroAd BLADE Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as “MicroAd BLADE Indonesia”)”, a local subsidiary, in the Republic of Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as “Indonesia”) and has begun the Ad Platform business in Indonesia.

MicroAd provides “MicroAd BLADE”, a Demand-Side-Platform for Online Advertising by own-developed product enables clients to optimize algorithm of advertising. “MicroAd BLADE” also offers in English and Chinese languages and accepts US Dollars and Chinese Yuan currencies as
payment for Asia.

“We have already developed Online Advertising agency business in Indonesia and it has been succeeding. With the continuous spread in Ad Technology Indonesia, we would like to establish a monopoly company.” said Kentaro Watanabe, CEO of MicroAd Singapore. “MicroAd BLADE Indonesia
strives for the expansion of “MicroAd BLADE” in Indonesia and we estimates to work with over 250 advertisers by this December 2014.”

About MicroAd BLADE
MicroAd launched “MicroAd BLADE” a Japanese DSP with RTB have integrated with major exchanges and SSP in June 2011. Till now, MicroAd BLADE has more than 5,000 Advertisers in Japan. We are one of the largest ad platform companies in Japan.

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MicroAd BLADE Indonesia Company Profile
Company name : PT.MicroAd BLADE Indonesia
Location : Indosurya Plaza Fl.3A, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 8-9 Jakarta Pusat 10230
Established : October 31, 2013 (Estimated)

CEO : Suryanto Wijaya
Director : Yoshiki Enohara
Director : Heita Kawano
Operation : Sales of “MicroAd BLADE”

Inquiries About This Press Release
Inquiries about advertising:
Heita Kawano (Sales, MicroAd BLADE Indonesia),
e-mail: info@blade.co.id

Inquiries about news coverage:
Elisa Yoshigoe (CMO, MicroAd Indonesia),
e-mail: info@microad.co.id,
telephone: (+62)21-293-88488

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