MicroAd Launches “BLADE-APAC-NETWORK” Covering the APAC Region

Tokyo, Dec 19, 2013  –  MicroAd, Inc., a leading Ad Platform company in Japan, has launched “BLADE-APAC-NETWORK”, a new network service of “MicroAd BLADE” that enables clients to convey their advertisements to the APAC region.

BLADE-APAC-NETWORK allows advertisers to manage their advertisements using a single interface in MicroAd BLADE. Advertisers can convey their advertisements to the APAC region by the huge inventory of MicroAd. Till now, the problem of language and currency was a barrier when serving Ads overseas. With this BLADE-APAC-NETWORK, advertisers have surpassed this problem, and effectively conveyed advertisements in the APAC region.

“Currently, the global companies have been rapidly expanding in the APAC region. We hope that ‘BLADE-APAC-NETWORK’ is able to cooperate with the expansion of the market in the future of APAC. In the meanwhile, advertisers are also able to do marketing across APAC through BLADE-APAC-NETWORK,” said Kentaro Watanabe, CEO of MicroAd. “We will try our best to promote the Ad Technology in APAC, together with providing our DSP service ‘MicroAd BLADE’, in effort to achieve the Sales Target of US 20 million in December 2014.”

MicroAd BLADE is known as the largest DSP in Japan and has a simple interface for display and smartphone Advertising management. MicroAd BLADE is also offered in Japanese, English and Chinese as a language, and supports Japanese Yen, US Dollars and Chinese Yuan as a currency in Asia since October 2012. Till now, MicroAd BLADE has more than 5,000 advertisers in Japan and 500 advertisers in APAC.

MicroAd Group has already launched its regional subsidiary companies in the APAC region, including in China, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and India.

MicroAd BLADE inventories in APAC

Country        Ad Inventory       Internet         UsersPenetration
                                                    (% Population)
Singapore      3 billion            4 million             75.0%
Indonesia       5 billion            55 million          22.1%
Philippines    7 billion            33 million          32.4%
Vietnam           3.5 billion        31 million          33.9%
Thailand         4.5 billion        24 million          34.8%
Malaysia          4 billion            17 million          60.7%
India                  15 billion         137 million        11.4%
China                90 billion          538 million        40.1%
Hong Kong     3 billion            5.3 million         74.5%
Taiwan              8 billion           17 million           75.4%
Japan               60 billion         112 million         79.5%


About MicroAd, Inc.

MicroAd, Inc. launched MicroAd BLADE, a Japanese DSP with RTB and integrated with major exchanges and SSPs in June 2011. MicroAd BLADE has more than 5,000 advertisers and it is one of the leading Ad Platform companies in Japan.

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MicroAd BLADE Indonesia Company Profile

Company name : PT.MicroAd BLADE Indonesia
Location : Indosurya Plaza Fl.3A, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 8-9 Jakarta Pusat 10230
Established : October 31, 2013 (Estimated)
CEO : Suryanto Wijaya
Director : Yoshiki Enohara
Director : Heita Kawano
Operation : Sales of “MicroAd BLADE”

Inquiries About This Press Release

Inquiries about advertising:
Heita Kawano (Sales, MicroAd BLADE Indonesia),
e-mail: info@blade.co.id

Inquiries about news coverage:
Elisa Yoshigoe (CMO, MicroAd Indonesia),
e-mail: info@microad.co.id, telephone: (+62)21-293-88488

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