Why SSL Is A Must for Every Website

Although maybe SSL already sound familiar to some of us but some may not understand exactly what they do except for that it related to security and internet. Many websites especially e-commerce websites already have SSL, even though you may not know it. You can look at the navigation bar and you will notice the difference between that doesn’t have and the one with padlock icon as it has SSL installed.

Why using SSL is important?

Secure Socket Layer is used to secure data transmitted over the internet between computers or servers. This could be the password you used to log into your favorite social media or inserting your credit card number after you checkout from an online shop. All these data and informations are very likely to be targeted by bad people. Other than that there are some other benefits that you need to understand.

1. Browsers Are Starting to Penalize HTTP Websites

Starting early 2017, Google starts flagging websites that collecting informations such passwords, credit cards and other sensitive informations. Whenever a web page we came by that collect those data you can notice an exclamation mark and “not secure” on the navigation bar to the left of the url bar. Not only Google will be the one, as the issues growing other browsers will also take this approach.

2. Customers Are Looking for Security And Safety

Customers or site visitors are becoming more aware with security, they are looking for the safety feeling when giving out data and do transactions over the internet – the data show that 84% will abandon any transactions if they don’t see the padlock and green on the navigation bar and even so 98% said that they look for the green padlock as the security indicator on websites.

3. Brand Identity And Phishing

Impersonating legitimate websites with the intentions to steal users identity and data are growing concerns these days. The numbers keeps adding up, and not only in commerce and banking only. There are SSL certificate intended exactly to do that, called Extended Validation where you will have your legal company name put in the side of the padlock in the nav bar. These will help your visitors to mark your official website to be trusted and they are going to feel safe to do business with you.

4. Better for SEO

Officially announced by Google in 2014, that switching to HTTPS will give you a ranking boost. Although it’s not significant but the other impact will also boost your ranking, that is what we already mention in point 2 & 3. The security will give your potential visitors to go anywhere to any pages safe in your websites and at the end, they became your valuable customers.

How Big Is The Investment?

The standard SSL certificate cost around $10 to $100 a year depending on where you are hosting in. For the Extended Validation (EV) where you can have your company name in the nav bar can cost above $200 a year, not so big right. The certificate signing request (CSR) after you buy a plan needs to be created first before you are able to request for SSL certificate with your domain name on it. After that we need to install the certificate in the server and set up the application to use HTTPS and you are ready to see the green padlock in the nav bar when you are visiting your website. Right now all your information coming in and out from your server are encrypted and of course, secured.

Beyond the SSL and The Encryptions

Whether you operate online shop, login portal, or only just simply corporate website, the benefits are beyond than just encrypting data. Browsers are pushing it, customers are looking for it, you make your brand better, and it’s good for any SEO efforts. Don’t think twice to start using SSL, there is nothing to wait for. Starts now.

by Endrian Kolopaking
Technology Manager
MicroAd Indonesia

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